Participants of TdS 2017 when racing across the banks of the lake Singkarak last month. It looks so wonderful... (Photo: Ist).

Participants of TdS 2017 when racing across the banks of the lake Singkarak last month. It looks so wonderful… (Photo: Ist).

Jakarta, (ITN-IndonesiaTouristNews): At least two international cycling events’ schedule in Indonesia for 2018 have been announced. Namely, Tour de Singkarak (TDS) to be held on 5 – 14 September 2018, and Tour of Indonesia (ToI) 2018 on 25-28 January 2018. Both are declared as sport tourism event.

Tour de Singkarak will be the tenth place to be held next year, crossing 17 districts in the province of West Sumatra and one district in Riau province, Sumatra island, while ToI will cross 10 districts / municipalities in 3 provinces; Central Java, East Java, and Bali. ToI will start from the surounding area of  Borobudur temple near Magelang city, Central Java and will end in Denpasar, Bali.     The ToI 2018 will fall into the 2.1 category, which means that this title must meet higher standards than the 2.2 category as stated in UCI regulations.

ToI 2018 will be participated by 17 teams consisting of; 3 teams as World Tour Team; 2 teams as Europe Continental Team; and 15 teams of Asian Continental Tour Team. “ToI 2018 will showcase of Indonesian tourism as well as an effective means of promotion as each stage will be traversed in such a way through the attractions to promote the beauty of culture and panorama of Indonesia,” said Sapta Oktohari, Chairman of the Indonesian Bicycle Sport Association, through today’s press release as the organizer of ToI 2018

It was also announced that the 17 teams that will participate in the ToI 2018 are; World Tour Team (Uae Team Emirates / UAE, Bahrain Merida / BRN, and Asiana Pro Team / KAZ); Europe Continental Team (Sangemini / ITA and Aviludo Louletano / POR); and Asian Continental Tour Team (KFC Cycling Team / INA, PGN Cycling Team / INA, ACC Cycling Team / INA, Terengganu Cycling Team / MAS, Team Sapura Cycling / MAS, Dishgaman Cycling Team / IRI, Tabriz Shahdary Team / IRI, LX Cycling Team / KCR, Kinan Cycling Team / JPN, Thailand Continental Cycling Team / THA, St. George Continental Cycling Team / AUS, and Isowhey Sports Swiss Wellness / AUS).***