MIA's domestic departure terminal. (Photo: ITN)

MIA’s domestic departure terminal. There are at least 8 airlines connect Padang to at least 8 cities domestically. (Photo: ITN)

Jakarta, ( ITN – IndonesiaTouristNews ): Foreign tourists now have a new option to fly directly to Padang, the capital of West Sumatra province, one of the tourist destinations under the branding of Wonderful Indonesia. The LCC airline will commence a daily flight on the Singapore – Padang route as of February 9, 2018. Along with the plan, the provincial government jointly with travel and tourism business operators in the province will work with Air Asia to organize a familiarization trip to West Sumateara for bloggers and major travel agents from Singapore to experience the unique culture and natural beauty of West Sumatra. Air Asia itself has begun on January 12 to undertake the promotion of the flight by exposing it on several public city buses in Singapore.

The above information was written by Oni Yulfian, Head of West Sumatra Provincial Tourism Office on his Face Book page yesterday. There he thanked the Minister of Tourism and the Governor of West Sumatra who had encouraged Air Asia to open the flight route.

The flight will be conducted through Minangkabau International Airport (MIA) in Padang, and Changi Airport in Singapore. But there is no information yet about the type of aircraft that will be used, as well as its seating capacity for passengers. But it is known that Air Asia is also opening direct flights Manila-Jakarta that will begin on January 9, 2018 and Manila-Bali route starting on 19 January 2018.

Meanwhile, the interesting part at the International Airport of MInangkabau (BIM, in Indonesian Bandara Internasional MInangkabau)) is now the operation of the Airport Train serving passengers on the route airport-Padang vv. In its development plan, the BIM Train, will consist of 3 trains with a total capacity of 272 seats. ***