itn-pacto-logo-08122017Jakarta, (ITN-IndonesiaTouristNews): You might have heard or known the name of Pacto Tour & Travel, right? Yesterday it was 50 years old. Worthy of salute. Established since 1967 as one of the pioneers in the tourism industry in Indonesia, Pacto currently has two main divisions: Destination Management Company (DMC) and Travel Management Services (TMS), making it a company that, – admittedly by Pacto itself– -, has the largest travel and destination management network in Indonesia.

“We started this company in the inbound sector and until now this sector remains the company’s core business. Pacto has not only developed into a Destination Management (DMC) company that operates the largest network in Indonesia, but is also the only national Destination Management (DMC) company with a balanced portfolio worldwide. This proves it has a long-term vision and a deep market analysis, ” said Raty Ning, the President Director at the dinner anniversary event in Jakarta yesterday (7/12/2017) and broadcast via press release.

“It is this 360-degree vision that has inspired us to open several companies according to market segmentation once we have succeeded in developing Pacto Convex which is engaged in convention and exhibition. Currently we are the only inbound player to have Bali Prima Holiday, a company fully dedicated to tailor-made travel for individual (FIT) and group (GIT). In the meantime, we still maintain the volume of purchasing power company thanks to the strength of the group of companies in all segments, ” she continued.

Despite not mentioning the nominal value, “revenue Pacto this year increased sharply to 40%, when compared with last year. This shows that the inbound (tourism business) sector is very promising and in line with the Government program that want to make the tourism sector as the locomotive of the country’s largest foreign exchange earner even to make the tourism sector as the core economy of this country in the future, ” added Raty.

Pacto has received five awards in a period of eight years until 2016, including maintaining the TTG Travel Awards “Best Travel Agency in Indonesia”. Other awards include Travel Magazine Award “Best DMC Worldwide” and “Best Destination Management Company” from Venue Magazine in 2013, and a few others.

As a global player in the tourism industry, Pacto has overseas representatives in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. ***