itn-thai-lion-air-feature Jakarta, ( ITN – IndonesiaTouristNews ): Indonesia airlines Lion Air has commenced charter flights between Busan city in South Korea and Batam destination in Indonesia since Saturday (23/12/2017) and the charter flight between Incheon airport in Seoul and Batam has been operated since Sunday 24/ 12/2017) with a frequency of one fight  in every 4 days. Ramaditya Prima from the Lion Air company was quoted as saying that for the charter flight the company is cooperating with Korea’s Global Aviation Alliance Co., Ltd and Sky Angkor Air Travel.

The airlines uses its newest Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft for the route, with a configuration of 175 passengers seats. Acoording to its plan the charter flights will operate until March 2018 and is possibly to be extended even to become regular flights, as well as to add with other routes. Thus Ramaditya Prima quoted in a press release the day before yesterday. ***